Oh My Girl – Call My Name (CC Game)

Hyojung | Jin EMimi | Yoo A | Seunghee | Jiho | Binnie | Arin

jakku majuchin neol I know
aesseo pihan Green light
dareun byeonmyeongeun No you know
namjadapge malhaejwo eoseo Tell me more

saljjak bichuneun dalbit Silhouette
machi neol gidarin My heart
dabeun jeonghaejin geol You know
gudi meon gireul doragaji marajwo

Ain’t nobody else Ain’t nobody else
bimilseureoun dulmanui sigani
jom piryohan geol You’re my fantasy

And nobody knows And nobody knows
Diamond cheoreom biccna neon
nae siseoneul humchyeoga joyonghi dagawa

Just call my name
Just call my name
Just call my name
Just call my name

gateun neukkimui neol I know
aesseo pihajineun ma
dareun saenggageun No you know
jom deo ne mame soljikhaejyeo

saljjak beonjineun bulkeun Lipstick
machi neol bureuneun My heart
dabeun jeonghaejin geol You know
hangeoreum dagawa nal jom deo ganghage anajwo

Ain’t nobody else Ain’t nobody else
bimilseureoun dulmanui chueogi
deo ssahineun geol You’re my fantasy

And nobody knows And nobody knows
Diamondcheoreom biccna neon
nae siseoneul humchyeoga jogeum deo dagawa

Just call my name
Just call my name
Just call my name
Just call my name

nae mam gadeukhi peojyeo Automatic
imi neon naege ppajyeoga
nae mam sikji anhge josimhae neo
Red light i kkumeul kkaego sipji anha

Just call my name
Just call my name
Just call my name
Just call my name

Call call Just call my name

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