Brave Girls – Galaxy (CC Game)

Minyoung | Yujeong | Yujin | Eunji | Yuna | Hyeran | Hayun

Galaxy, sumanheun byeol deul jung e
nae sarangeun Fantasy, Don’t wake me up, kkum iramyeon
Bring the action
eodu un bamhaneul deuneol, beuni uju e urin machi
dul bakke eobtneun geot cheoreom, neukkyeo jyeo Something about us
wol hwa sumo ggeum toil, gateun miso, dareun neukkimi
Making my heart beat, gaseumeul ttwige haji maeil bam
You got me walkin’ on the moon, Take me on the floor
siganeul chowol hae Tonight, neowa duri seo
banjjagi neun jeo bul bicheul ttara seo, Here we go
tteona ja A Yo, Keep it down low
Galaxy, sumanheun byeol deul jung e
nae sarangeun Fantasy, Don’t wake me up, kkum iramyeon
Bring the action
amuri meolli, tteoreo jyeo isseodo
nal gamssaneun gwe doreul, beoseo nan dedo urin
chajeul su isseo, unmyeong cheoreom dasi,
mannal georan geol, midgo itji
simjangeun Boom Boom Boom,
It’s been a long long long, time ago
teojil geotman, gata sseotji, zoom zoom zoom
nae simsangeun jeomjeom
neo egero ppallyeo deureo gagi, irbojik jeon
neon naege dagawa seo mareul geon naetji, Excuse me
Let’s fly to the universe, uri dulman ye, gong ganeuro,
chul bal hae Get, high tonight,
jeo haneullo ttwieo bwa, Let the count down
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
urin, eodiseo deun, Bonnie and Clyde (Clyde)
eodumeul gareuneun sokdoro Take a ride (Ride)
jigu ye bandae pyeon A million miles away,
yeo haengeul tteona go sipdamyeon geogjeongma
Cause I’m a space cow girl
ujureul hyanghae seo, Shoot for the star
uril mageul suneun, eobseo, tto dareun segyero,
We make the world go round
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